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Enabling you to identify and mitigate the intrinsic risk in your operations, supply chains and business processes.

Assurance goes beyond testing, inspection and certification to look at the underlying elements that make a company and its products successful. StarLabs’ assurance solutions provide confidence and total peace of mind that your operating procedures, systems and people are functioning properly to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our extensive auditing, performance benchmarking and supply chain services provide insight into every aspect of your operations, allowing you to make informed decisions about your business. Our training services ensure your workforce competencies are current and relevant. And our experts around the globe bring their knowledge to clients on assessing overall performance, the quality and productivity of laboratories, identifying and mitigating risks, streamlining manufacturing processes and supply chains, and so much more.

StarLabs is second to none in its ability to provide tailored quality assurance solutions to satisfy each of our customer’s individual needs, offering solutions in a wide variety of areas.

Assurance Services

Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions

As your trusted partner in social accountability, StarLabs is committed to honoring the ethical values and respect of all stakeholders, communities, as well as the natural environment.

We can successfully develop your code of conduct and social compliance process in continual support and recognition of your communication plan. To effectively achieve this, we simultaneously fuse the service components of our customer program with the particular code of values, business process, and communication plans you desire– applying both relevance and trust that the Corporate Social Responsibility approach we provide as your partner integrates seamlessly with all your business operations, streams, and aspirations.

StarLabs offers a suite of corporate social responsibility solutions to empower you to showcase your profiles and good practices while simultaneously improving material efficiency through sustainable environmental practices, practicing good social responsibility concerning security and workplace conditions, and ensuring your organization and your suppliers meet the requirements of tomorrow’s employees, communities, investors and customers. These web-based solutions include:

Risk Management

From concept, design, and engineering to manufacturing and distribution, we develop and integrate industry leading intelligence, research, and technology to create risk management solutions delivering a competitive business advantage.

Our risk management experts work with you to identify, manage and mitigate risks affecting your investments, infrastructure, products, inventories, supply-chains, safety, compliance, business, reputation, and other factors.

Among other approaches, we conduct Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Quantitative Risk Analysis (PRA/QRA) taking account of input uncertainties. We provide this PRA/QRA service for both existing infrastructure and new builds.

Our engineers, scientists, and other technical experts have years of hands-on industry experience, and help guide clients to protect assets, extend lifecycles, assure adequate quality and safety criteria, and much more. At StarLabs, we help you determine risks associated with your products, processes, manufacturing, assets and systems, and eliminate or manage these, so that they become a competitive advantage to your business.


Companies are increasingly facing challenges driven by growing complexities in their sourcing, manufacturing and distribution chains, in addition to consumer’s expectations of corporate sustainable responsibility for products, services and behaviors.

StarLabs is a leading global Total Quality Assurance provider enabling organizations, across a wide range of sectors, to keep ahead of their emerging sustainability requirements. Through our network, local knowledge and subject-matter expertise we provide innovative and tailored assurance, testing, inspection and certification services to our customers across their entire value chain.

We are uniquely positioned given our scale to partner with our customers in meeting their needs in delivering a wide variety of sustainability services that help our customers with increased transparency to manage risk and resilience, whilst supporting their ability to operate effectively and act responsibly.

Our customers trust us to ensure quality, safety and sustainability in their business, to protect their brands and to help them gain competitive advantage. We not only provide valuable insight into companies’ current sustainability needs, we identity emerging trends, enabling our customers to manage the circular economy in their business and safeguard their reputation.

At StarLabs, Sustainability is core to our business and we are constantly evaluating and improving our processes with not only the services we offer our customers but our own business processes and initiatives.

Through developing and implementing key programs, our sustainability strategies aims to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment by understanding and mitigating against our material impacts. Continuously improving policies and practices support our values for a diverse and inclusive global family, committed to professional excellence and the communities in which we operate. At StarLabs, our people are passionate about their work and are proud to be involved in activities which generate a positive impact for society and the environment.

Laboratory Outsourcing

Laboratory data is key to running your business. Ownership of the laboratory doesn't have to be.

StarLabs is a leader in providing laboratory outsourcing services and solutions, from submitted samples testing projects, analytical projects to full lab outsourcing and acquisition. StarLabs works with clients to successfully outsource analytical testing services and laboratories.

Our laboratory network provides technical testing expertise and capabilities to meet the research, quality control and analytical testing needs for a wide range of industries. StarLabs’ expertise brings performance, financial, quality and productivity benefits to the client, their business and their employees.

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